Marco Polo 100 Digital Build Challenge

Revolutionize construction, build affordable housing for $100/sq ft with 3D printing, prefabrication, robotics or new technologies.

Your mission

Your mission is to develop innovative ideas to build a multi-residential building for $100/sq ft using new technologies and processes and reduce traditional construction timelines by up to 50%. This Challenge is attempting a leap for digital technology, 3D printing, robotics, automation, prefabricated manufacturing that is both exciting and formidable; breaking down traditional silos and bridging knowledge in construction, architecture, and engineering to implement a living breathing building.


The building and construction industry faces several key challenges

Shortage of qualified labour and shortage of interest among young people wanting to work in the construction industry


Increasing health and safety regulations which add cost and slow down the production


Increasing exposure to unpredictable weather events, global risk exposure which add cost and delay to projects;



All of the above has resulted in a shortage of affordable housing for the modern family.

We hope that with increasing use of technology, automation, and innovation in construction processes we can:

  1. Reduce costs and timelines for construction
  2. As a derived effect of the above, reduce the cost of housing
  3. Reduce project risks, particularly with on-site construction risks such as weather and other external factors
  4. Improve efficiency and productivity
  5. Attract younger people to the field of construction and create new types of jobs
  6. Improve health and safety conditions for workers
Our primary goal is to reduce construction costs and timelines by utilizing new technologies and processes while making a building that is livable, appealing to local audiences, and fully compliant with all applicable regulations and zoning bylaws, at a cost of $1076/sq meters ($100/sq ft) or less.
Our expert team of mentors & partner associations will closely accompany you during the whole process allowing you to learn about specifications, submissions and aspects of this challenge that you have no expertise in. So don’t be shy, we want to hear your idea!

The 4-Stage Journey